mardi 16 septembre 2014

9 footer Longboard Performance

Birthday present….

Chacal Glassing and the NO LOGO Surfboard Conspiracy.

jeudi 28 août 2014

5'10 Fish by Loic Dauphin

Nico fresh fish !!! deal was : do me something retro and I like when the rails are a bit darker than the rest of the board. So there it is, clean translucent turquoise top that become purple on the cherry red laps from the bottom. Double resin pinline but no leash loop this time. I prefer plugs for fish so you can go further back in the swallow. Just tell me if you're regular or goofy. It's the most beautiful board in Carcans I was said. Good, that's what I wanna hear….

Come by the shaggyshack and let chacal taking care of the business.

vendredi 1 août 2014

6'2 Campbell Bro Egg, bamboo skin.

 For The second time, remi is having his bonzer glassed with a additional bamboo skin. Kamikaze did the vaccum bag job, I did the rest of the Job.
Tribute to one of the greatest crew of glasser : The Lucky Bastards. And the job they have done for Lost Surfboards.

Acid lamination, bamboo skin, leash loop, double pinline and glass on fins for the total outfit.

Lemme pimp your ride, so we can share the stoke!

mardi 22 juillet 2014

Jay G prod, flashback on a long time ago project.

Was in me old shack, and it was a lot of fun building this little project. It feels good when you know the guy rips so he will fully appreciate a shape. He told me the board is still his number one, 3 or 4 years after riding it and was still pristine beside average tiny dings. No disrespect but you won't probably say that coming from famous brand production surfboards. But this is not the topic!

Good job fellas! come by the shop and bring more of your blanks and ideas and lemme pimp it for ya.
The Shaggyshack is sharing the stoke.

samedi 12 juillet 2014

9'0 Loic Dauphin longboard

     Since The Sailor stopped his collaboration with our factory, I was not glassing much of new stuff. But you know the shaggyshack always welcomes customs shapes. Here is a 9'0 californian style sand finish.

       And for the retro look, a free resin Comp Band, 24 inches from the nose. It says, after the red line you are actually noseriding and before you are not. No cheating and fake nose riding are allowed here. And don't forget to cross-step your feet when you're walking the nose, keep your damn shuffling for the dance floor.

lundi 23 juin 2014

5'10 Octafish Campbell Bro

First of the 2 bonzers for the Rémi's family. Big time bonzers lover and good friend of malcom Campbell, he has his boards shaped for him and he' s trusting me for the lamination. And I thank him for that.
2x4 oz S-glass top plus patch, 4 oz S-glass bottom, double tint lamination, "pain in the butt" glass on fins, leash loop, all the stuff gloss and shinny and please : keep it light!

Arnaud came by the shop with a picture of what he wanted his board to look like. You know you can't just reproduce a tint lamination. Every acid lam will be unique. Tribute to excellent craftman Nico from wavegliders
Plus, I'm not a huge fan of white tint, I think it messes too much the other colors, so I replace it with clear lam.

Sometimes boards look better on the pictures, mine not!

The shaggyshack provides the best glass for your wave vehicle!

mercredi 28 mai 2014

Bonzer Time

Two bonzers crashed at the shack the other day. They were very pale, possibly exhausted after a long trip crossing the ocean. So I had no choice to host them for a while, and use some TLC for pimping this things. So they can take off in a few weeks for their fav playground : Ocean!

Shaggyshack produces glassing that make you look cool in …..and cool out !